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Gas Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves in Esher | Can I Hang a TV Above a Fireplace?

Most homeowners have ditched the cathode ray tube in favour of a plasma (or alternative TV) but, when they order or purchase a new model, they rarely think about the impact fireplaces can have on their much-loved technology. With gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves becoming much sleeker in design, just like the latest televisions, there’s a tendency to put everything in one place, especially with the advent of media walls.

We advise that homeowners in Esher, Kingston and the surrounding areas talk to our local fireplace installers before hanging a TV over a fireplace or a stove. Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd operates from one of the most customer-friendly fireplace showrooms in the region.

Our staff can happily explain the advantages and pitfalls of fitting a TV close to a new heating appliance.


Keeping televisions close to gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves keeps everything in view at your Esher property and allows you to enjoy your new purchases. The latest OLED models are easily viewed from any angle but with a non-LED TV, the screen and colours can’t always be seen clearly when they aren’t positioned directly at your eye level.

Our fireplace installers will often advise a product with a central raised mantle so you can see the TV from different parts of the room and place your furniture accordingly.


If your Esher home is tight for space, it can be a good idea to wall mount your TV directly over one of our gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves so you can do away with the stand. If the placement is carefully thought out and your TV isn’t too close to the heat source, this is a beneficial way of saving space and doing away with some unwelcome clutter.

Fireplace showrooms, including our own, advise on how to gain space when planning fireplace and stove installations.


Our fireplace installers will position your new purchase in an area that is suited to the flue and chimney, but we are always considerate to how you live in your home. The higher you mount TVs above gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves, the less chance there is of children or pets knocking something over. This enhances the overall standard of safety around a home.

It also stops the screen from becoming covered in fingerprints and leads to less cleaning when the weekend comes.


Reputable fireplace showrooms will point out the benefits of mounting your TV above an appliance and, with modern homes in the Esher area having more plug sockets, putting fireplaces and televisions close to each other is now more popular than ever. Media walls are especially in demand, but you can also factor in art if you decide to mount a TV on a wall.

With careful planning and design, our gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves are suited to each of these options.

The Obvious Issues

There are, of course, many good reasons to keep fireplaces and televisions apart. Our fireplace installers know that most electrical devices don’t mix well with exposure to heat. Over time, fireplaces and stoves that are too close to the TV lead to premature component wear. This dramatically shortens the lifespan of the television and could void the warranty too.

There are other less obvious things to consider in terms of placement that Esher homeowners should consider:

  • Eye strain through not having optimal viewing angles

  • Neck pain from viewing a TV at an awkward angle

  • Losing the focal point of a room with a bad design

Trading out of Tolworth as one of the region’s favourite local fireplace showrooms, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd has a keen eye for design and will discuss the correct placement of gas fireplaces, wood burning stoves and televisions when we visit your home to provide an initial site survey.

Call Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd on 020 8390 2211. We are trusted fireplace installers for the Cobham area.