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Gas Fireplaces in Oxshott | Choosing Between Classic and Contemporary Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves afford homeowners the welcome warmth of a roaring fire that our distant cave-dwelling ancestors would have loved too. Fireplaces and stoves have a timeless charm which make them essential for homes in the Oxshott, Surbiton and the surrounding areas. The main difference between today and the pre-historic times of cavemen is that modern fireplaces are just as much a focal point as they are a heat source.

And when you visit fireplace showrooms, you can enjoy a slow, comfortable browse through classic and contemporary styles in an authentic home setting. Just as importantly, you benefit from the advice of experienced staff and accredited fireplace installers who can help you in choosing something a little more vintage or, indeed, something that is more modern.

On this page, we look at the differences between our classic gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves, and the more contemporary designs we stock at Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd.

Contemporary Fireplaces and Stoves

One of the biggest benefits to modern gas fireplaces is the insert, but this essential device was invented as far back as 1896 to improve safety and efficiency. Modern fireplaces and wood burning stoves have inserts fitted into the firebox. They make cleaning easier for fireplace installers and repairers, and they stop heat from being lost up the chimney.

Wood burning stoves still use a solid fuel but, like all reputable fireplace showrooms in the Oxshott area, we also stock gas fireplaces which offer the same benefits of a real fire, but with instant heat, no mess and far less cleaning. 

Contemporary gas fireplaces also use heat exchangers which capture the gases caused by combustion and burn them. This creates additional heat for the home and makes a contemporary installation more efficient, leading to lower utility costs.

But it is the sleek design of modern fireplaces and wood burning stoves which bring so many homeowners from Oxshott to Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd, one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable fireplace showrooms operating in the Surrey area on a completely independent basis. Our fireplace installers are conversant with current Gas Safe and HETAS guidelines.

Classic Fireplaces and Stoves

For some homeowners, tradition is far more important than the style. While our classic gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves have the rustic charm of yesteryear, they still have the latest components and systems fitted to bring you all the benefits of a more contemporary model. The true impact of a traditional fireplace or stove is its appearance. And, of course, classic fireplaces will never go out of style! 

Keeping your Oxshott home warm becomes more of an experience when you opt for a traditional design.

There’s a certain amount of theatre to firing up a classic model from our fireplace installers that you won’t always find on something more modern. And, despite what many people think, most fireplace showrooms now stock energy efficient gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves in traditional designs, but with all the features you’d expect from a contemporary model.

The style you choose for your Oxshott home is entirely down to you but, classic or contemporary, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd will be by your side every step of the way to make sure the model you buy suits the design and layout of your home, and continues to give you great service for many years to come.

Call Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd on 020 8390 2211. We stock, supply and install fireplaces and wood burning stoves across the whole of the Oxshott area.