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Gas Fireplaces or Wood Burning Stoves in Surbiton | Your Choices

Making the right choice between wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces won’t necessarily be easy but whichever you choose for your Surbiton or Sutton home, a professional fitting from our stove and fireplace installers will always meet and exceed your expectations. Burns & Mason operate from one of Surrey’s most popular fireplace showrooms, and we have a vast range of stoves and fireplaces available from all industry-leading brands.

Before making a commitment, it’s always a good idea to find out a little more about the main differences between wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces. Whether you are looking to upgrade a current installation at your Surbiton property, or feel as if now is the time for a complete replacement, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd are here to advise and to help.

Like all reputable fireplace showrooms, we believe in putting the customer first. The team at our Tolworth premises will take the time to discuss individual products with you, and will also talk about your own ideas and preferences before making a recommendation. From there, we’ll provide a full survey under the attentive eyes of our skilled fireplace installers.

On this page we will be covering:

  • Aesthetics and Ambience

  • Maintenance

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Fireplace, Stove and Gas Safety

Aesthetics and Ambience

Many of our visitors from the Surbiton area come to us with wood burning stoves in mind. It is often the appeal of snuggling up on the sofa with a book and glass of wine which appeals. Undoubtedly, wood burning stoves seem like an obvious choice but modern gas fireplaces can deliver the same effect because they have authentic logs and real flames.

Gas fireplaces are cleaner and operate directly from your household gas supply. Fitting is undertaken by accredited Gas Safe fireplace installers. Wood burning stoves will require you to find a heat source and they can be a little messier, but they provide a traditional and homely ambience with the added benefits of crackling noises and a rustic aroma.


Like all good kitchen showrooms in the Surbiton and Surrey areas, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd provide a complete aftersales service. Our fireplace installers and our maintenance team can provide ongoing servicing and repair work for your new installation. Gas fireplaces must be serviced annually, and this is a commitment that must be taken into consideration.

If you choose one of our wood burning stoves for your Surbiton home, it’s important to remember that you’ll have to clean it regularly and still have it serviced annually. For some homeowners, this is a small price to pay for such a traditional style of heat source.

Energy Efficiency

Gas is one of the most efficient energy sources to be found anywhere and research indicates that it can be up to 90% cheaper than the cost of wood fuel. While we feel these figures are fairly accurate when comparing the cheapest gas rates with the most expensive wood fuel sources, the average cost brings wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces closer together.

In fact, if you are able to source your own fuel for wood burning stoves, they will actually be CHEAPER to run in your Surbiton home than gas fireplaces! Very few fireplace showrooms consider this when they talk to their customers about energy efficiency, but we do..

Fireplace, Stove and Gas Safety

Because we only hire accredited Gas Safe fireplace installers, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd deliver one of the most reassuring local services. Gas fireplaces are only as safe as the people who install them, and it requires a strong commitment to servicing and maintenance if you want your gas installation to provide you with the safest user experience.

Wood burning stoves will not present any danger from gas leaks, but they do release fumes so adequate ventilation and a professional installation at your Surbiton property is essential.

Call 020 8390 2211 for advice on gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves from one of the leading fireplace showrooms in the Surbiton area.