Fireplaces in Teddington | Does Yours Need Replacing?

Whether customers in Teddington have electric or gas fireplaces, or wood burning stoves, they can prove a wonderful addition to any home. To ensure you continue enjoying the benefits of fireplaces, it is important to undertake regular servicing and maintenance. Our experienced fireplace installers cover all aspects of installation, repair and replacement. When it’s time for a replacement, Burns & Mason has a much broader range of styles and brands to choose from than many other fireplace showrooms.


If you are concerned about the condition of gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves in Teddington, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist fireplace installers for advice and repairs. Some common signs that indicate fireplaces need replacing include:




Leaking issues generally apply to wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces which use chimneys. If you notice moisture dripping from your chimney, or running down the sides, this could be a sign that water is seeping in from the outside of your property.


It is important for professionals, such as Burns & Mason fireplace installers, to address leaking as soon as possible. The longer water sits in building material, the weaker it becomes, leading to crumbling and collapse.


Reduced Heat Output


Electric fireplaces in Teddington that stop giving out as much heat as they used to, are lacking efficiency. Our fireplace installers may advise replacement with newer, higher efficiency models. In some case, the problem can be fixed by repairing faulty wiring.


The longer inefficient fireplaces are ignored the more money customers waste. Because we are one of the largest fireplace showrooms in Surrey, we have an extensive range of electric fires available to suit the needs of every customer. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch if it’s time for a replacement.


Leaning Chimneys


This issue is easily noticeable from the outside of your property in Teddington and affects all kinds of gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves. If your chimney begins slanting to one side, it is vital to address the problem straight away. When left for too long, leaning chimneys can collapse, causing severe damage to your home and posing a significant risk to your family.


Rising Energy Costs


An increase in the cost of running electric and gas fireplaces is a sign that they’re faltering. They’re having to use more power to produce the same amount of heat. If you’ve noticed a rise in your bills, contact our professional fireplace installers and engineers who inspect and resolve the issue.


Whether providing wood burning stoves, gas fireplaces or other styles, as one of the leading fireplace showrooms in the area, we offer complete aftersales service to ensure customers in Teddington get the most from their appliances.


For reliable inspection, maintenance and replacement of fireplaces in Teddington, call 020 8390 2211.


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