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Fireplace Installers in Tolworth | Servicing Wood Burning Stoves and Gas Fireplaces from Your Local Showroom

While some companies with fireplace showrooms may offer an installation service for any wood burning stoves and electric or gas fireplaces, at Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd, our Gas Safe and HETAS registered fireplace installers go one step further. We carry out yearly servicing on all gas fires and wood burners to ensure they continue to operate safely and efficiently for as long as possible.

Thanks to this annual servicing, gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves from our fireplace showrooms in Tolworth, Twickenham and the surrounding areas can last for around 20 years.

While it may be obvious that wood burning stoves and their chimneys require annual servicing to clean the build-up of creosote and soot, many people forget about regularly servicing gas fireplaces.

Although they are relatively low maintenance compared to wood burners, gas fires can equally suffer from the build-up of debris, which over time affects their efficiency and overall safety.

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Servicing Gas Fireplaces

Air-borne particles like dust and dirt can creep into gas fireplaces during the combustion process. Although initially this may not cause a problem, over time it can result in an inefficient appliance or one that doesn’t work at all, if it hinders the ignition. Additionally, some components on gas fireplaces, such as the control knob, can break or fall victim to general wear and tear.

When you buy a gas fire from our fireplace showrooms in Tolworth, our fireplace installers offer the following services to keep it functioning safely and efficiently:

  • A full diagnostic check on the running of gas fireplaces

  • Remove and clean any glass fronts

  • Check seals for glass fronts as well as the pilot and burner, replacing if necessary

  • Remove and clean the fuel effect, ensuring it’s in the optimal position in accordance with the installation manual

  • Ensure that the gas lines to the appliance are secure and there are no leaks

  • Test the meter for earth bonding

  • A full clean of gas fireplaces, particularly the pilot area

  • Check and unblock the flue way, if necessary

  • Test the ignition to ensure the spark electrode operates efficiently

  • Replace any parts to maintain the safe and efficient operation of gas fireplaces in Tolworth

  • Provide an up-to-date copy of the instruction manual for your appliance, should you need one

Servicing Wood Burning Stoves

When it comes to wood burning appliances, it is crucial to keep the air supply clear of the build-up of clogging particles, such as ash. While homeowners in Tolworth may be able to handle this themselves, you should always seek professional, Gas Safe registered engineers like our fireplace installers to clean chimneys and flues.

Wood burning stoves may require more than one service a year, depending on how often you use them and factors such as the moisture content in the type of fuel used.

At Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd, we recommend once a year as a minimum requirement.

Some of the services our fireplace installers offer for wood burning stoves from our fireplace showrooms include:

  • Remove internal parts, such as the grate, baffle and ashpan for a full clean

  • Vacuum debris and ash from inside the appliance

  • Clean internal surfaces as well as the grate and ashpan

  • Remove and clean door glass, and check any rope seals around the door of wood burning stoves

  • Scrape off old glue holding rope seals in place

  • Affix new rope seal (if replacement is necessary) and glue into place with a thermic seal adhesive

  • Oil hinge pins and door catch mechanism

  • Clean the exterior of wood burning stoves, using appropriate methods for painted finishes or enamelled surfaces

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Call our fireplace showrooms in Tolworth on 0208 390 2211 to arrange for annual servicing by our fireplace installers.