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At Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd, we understand the importance of undertaking regular cleaning and maintenance of wood burning stoves and electric/gas fireplaces. Not only does it keep homes clean and attractive, but good upkeep ensures appliances continue to function efficiently. As part of the specialist services we offer, our fireplace installers undertake maintenance and repairs of all appliances in Twickenham.


Because we are one of the most expansive fireplace showrooms in the area, we have experience working with all types of fireplaces and stoves, so no matter what installation you have, get in touch today.


Wood Burning Stoves


Despite the comfort and charm that comes from wood burning stoves, the ash they produce can create significant mess. To keep your home in prime condition, it is important to periodically clean your stove. The first step is to remove internal parts, such as the grate, and then use a specialist vacuum to remove ash and debris. A normal vacuum cleaner is not suitable for this task. Contact our fireplace installers for advice on proper maintenance.


The next step is to wipe the inside of the stove to remove more stubborn dirt, before cleaning all parts, checking for damage and replacing them. It is important to replace parts according to manufacturers’ specifications. With more variety than many fireplace showrooms, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd offers guidance on cleaning all styles of wood burning stoves and fireplaces.


Gas Fireplaces


The majority of gas fireplaces eliminate mess from ash or soot, but dust and debris build up inside. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your appliance ensures it continues to function safely and effectively.


Our fireplace installers provide maintenance services and can advise on appropriate methods for cleaning fireplaces in Twickenham.


The most important step when cleaning gas fireplaces is to make sure the gas is turned off to avoid accidents. Dirt, dust and cobwebs can easily be removed with a cloth and special vacuum. The fan, vents and air circulation passages need to be totally clear.


If not properly maintained, gas fireplaces can pose a serious carbon monoxide threat. Having professional engineers from dedicated fireplace showrooms, such as Burns & Mason, periodically carry out checks is the most reliable way to ensure the safety of your household.


Electric Fireplaces


The nature of electric fireplaces means they don’t use a chimney or burn logs. This results in minimal dirt accumulation, requiring only light dusting. The front panel can be removed to access the inside, where dust and cobwebs need to be cleared from the grill, blower unit and fan assembly.


Customers in Twickenham should also take care when cleaning surrounds and accessories of fireplaces and wood burning stoves.


For professional maintenance and cleaning of gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves in Twickenham, call 020 8390 2211.


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