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Gas Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves in Weybridge | Which is the Better Appliance?

There’s no doubt in most people’s mind that a real fire warms a home in a special way that you won’t find with a central heating system. Gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves are growing in popularity by the year because, thanks to their exceptional classic and contemporary designs, they add a sense of style to homes in Weybridge you can’t get with a radiator. Fireplace showrooms therefore have an important role to play.

Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd are stockists, suppliers and, of course, accredited fireplace installers. Working out of Tolworth, we welcome customers from Surrey and the South East.

When it comes to gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves, which one would you choose to have fitted for your home in Weybridge, Worcester Park and the surrounding areas? Visit our portfolio to see examples of our options.

We stock brands including:

  • Burley

  • Capital

  • Gazco

  • GB Mantels

  • Infinity

  • Nu-Flame

  • Wessex Stone

  • And Much More…

Homes with Chimneys

One of the first things fireplace installers check for is the presence of a chimney because this will influence your choice of product. If you have a chimney, you can opt to have gas fireplaces, wood burning stoves or even real fires installed. Just keep in mind that with a stove, fireplace showrooms will also need to supply you with a flue liner and a stove pipe.

These obviously come at an additional cost.

Homes in Weybridge without a chimney will benefit more from electric fireplaces because they plug directly into the mains without needing a flue. If you have a gas connection, however, you can opt for balance flue gas or flueless gas fireplaces. Wood burning stoves, under these circumstances, aren’t an option. Flueless electric models work better in small rooms.


The cost of a fitting from our fireplace installers is always a talking point when customers from Weybridge visit our showroom without a clear idea of what they can buy based on the layout of their homes. While it is very much a general assumption, gas fireplaces tend to cost less than wood burning stoves because they won’t need a flue liner or a stove pipe. Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd will always advise you.

In terms of running costs, flueless gas fireplaces are the most cost-effective whereas electric models are less efficient because they have a lower output. Multifuel and wood burning stoves sit somewhere between the gas and electric models.


Walk around any of the many local fireplace showrooms in the Weybridge area and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how gas fireplaces and stoves both have their own charm. Those who appreciate a real fire but who can’t have wood burning stoves fitted can opt for electric alternatives instead. These come with incredible visual effects which replicate real fires. We stock all of these in classic and contemporary designs.

Use our fireplace installers for classic styles in period homes, or maybe have a wall-mounted contemporary model fitted into a more modern property. The choice is up to you. The first step towards a successful installation is a visit to our showroom in Tolworth, where you’ll experience a warm, friendly welcome without the excessive attention of pushy sales staff.

That’s because Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd sees every customer as the most important person in our business.

If you would like to see our fireplaces and stoves in advance, please take the time to visit our portfolio.

Call Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd on 020 8390 2211. We are one of the friendliest fireplace showrooms in the Weybridge area.