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Gas Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves in Worcester Park | Repairs Services

At our fireplace showrooms in Tolworth, Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd sells quality wood burning stoves and electric and gas fireplaces. While our fireplace installers offer annual servicing to keep gas fires and wood burners operating safely and efficiently, sometimes problems can occur between check-ups. If your fireplace needs fixing, we offer a repairs service to customers in Worcester Park, Banstead and the surrounding areas.

Gas fireplaces generally require less maintenance than wood burning stoves, but they are still at risk of issues, such as clogged ventilation chutes, broken control knobs and faulty igniters.

Our Gas Safe and HETAS registered fireplace installers list several signs indicating gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves, around Worcester Park, in need of repair:

  • Foul Odour

  • Smoking Stove Pipe

  • Discoloured Glass Fronts

  • Tar Deposits

  • Gas Fire Going Out

Foul Odour

Although it is not unusual for newly installed gas fireplaces, from fireplace showrooms like ours, to smell after the first couple of uses, it should not be an unpleasant odour. Gas fireplaces use natural gas to burn carbon and hydrogen materials. As natural gas has no odour, gas companies add a derivative of sulphur (methyl mercaptan) to alert homeowners to gas leaks.

If you detect an egg-like odour coming from your fireplace, you have a gas leak. While this is a serious issue, our personnel at Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd can take care of it.

Smoking Stove Pipe

On all wood burning stoves there is a pipe coming out the top, which usually connects to your chimney, or to other piping if you don’t have a chimney in your Worcester Park home. With each use of a wood burner, the seal around this pipe can become loose or cracked. If you notice smoke escaping from this seal and into your living room, put out the fire and call our experienced fireplace installers to reseal the stove pipe.

Discoloured Glass Fronts

At our fireplace showrooms we sell gas fireplaces with glass surrounds. While they make an attractive feature of any home in Worcester Park, a build-up of soot starts to turn the glass black. This may be due to the fuel effect slipping out of position and being too close to the glass, or the fuel to air ratio might be off. A clogged port is also a contributing factor and can be dangerous if left unchecked.

Our fireplace installers can clear blocked ports, rebalance the fuel to air ratio and clean away the soot.

Tar Deposits

Using freshly cut, unseasoned wood can cause a build-up of tar inside wood burning stoves, stove pipes and on the door glass. This material is extremely flammable and could cause a chimney fire. As soon as you detect tar deposits, call our fireplace installers. We will come to your home in Worcester Park and thoroughly assess the situation before we undertake any repairs.

If necessary, we can contact our fireplace showrooms for replacement parts.

Gas Fire Going Out

All gas fireplaces have a pilot light, which emits the right amount of gas for combustion. If the fire in your Worcester Park home keeps going out without anyone touching the control knob, there may be a problem with your thermocouple. When you turn off the pilot light, the thermocouple covers it to ensure gas cannot leak out. If the pilot light keeps going out, you could have a broken or faulty thermocouple, or it may have a build-up of soot.

Whatever the issue with your gas fire or wood burner, our fireplace installers have the training, knowledge and experience to handle any repairs and replacements.

Call our fireplace showrooms on 0208 390 221 for repairs on gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves in homes around Worcester Park.