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There are many myths that surround gas fireplaces and wood burnings stoves that put off potential buyers. On this page, our expert fireplace installers have looked to dispel them for the benefit of doubtful Banstead homeowners. We hope that after reading them, you’ll be more likely to come visit our fireplace showrooms to see exactly what we have on offer! We’re positive you’ll be impressed.


Myth Busters – Fireplace & Stove Edition


MYTH – Gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves are a pain to maintain!


FACT – In fact, they’re very simple to look after. Have our expert fireplace installers, based conveniently near Banstead in Tolworth, inspect them on a semi-regular basis, we’d usually recommend at least once yearly. Other than that, all you have to do is give gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves a clean when they get dirty, just as you would any other surface or appliance in your home.

Most units you’ll find in fireplace showrooms like our own are built to be low-maintenance and easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about it being an arduous job when your fireplace/stove starts to a look a little bit grubby. Keep in mind we also carry out restoration work and repairs should you have a fireplace or stove that has ceased to function correctly, whether it’s been structurally damaged or is suffering a mechanical fault.


MYTH – Gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves are difficult to use!


FACT – Not in the slightest, both gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves are incredibly intuitive and easy to learn to use. Our fireplace installers will hook up your unit so that it either turns on at the flick of a switch (in the case of gas fireplaces), or is quick and easy to load-up and ignite in the case of wood burning stoves. If you’re a Banstead homeowner putting off visiting fireplace showrooms because you’ve never had one before, don’t worry! We’ll talk you through the ins and outs and you’ll soon realise how straight forward owning and using gas fire places or wood burning stoves really is.


MYTH – Gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves are bad for the environment!


FACT – Compared to other options you have to heat your Banstead home, wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces are actually fairly efficient. What’s more, the former is fuelled by a renewable resource, so if you source wood from a responsible and legal supplier, you’re doing your part to safeguard the earth for future generations. Following on that point, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing wood from shady sources who may be playing a part in deforestation, a cruel act that we should know better to encourage in this day and age!

With gas fireplaces, you have to accept that you’re using a depleting natural resource that isn’t ideal for the environment (although a far sight better than the coal used by our ancestors). However, they are very good at rapidly heating a specific room; you can often use your gas fireplace instead of turning on your gas heating for the whole house. In this situation, you can actually be lowering your average annual carbon footprint significantly! So don’t be put off by those who would urge you away from fireplace showrooms, like ours near Banstead, on environmental grounds.


Still unsure whether owning gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves is for you? Call our expert fireplace installers near Banstead on 0208 390 2211.


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