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Searching for Fireplace Showrooms in Kingston? Gas Fireplaces and More

So you’ve decided to buy a fireplace… a wise decision! But have you given much thought to what type of fireplace would best suit your Kingston home? There’s electric and gas fireplaces, then there’s wood burning stoves. As one of Kingston, Leatherhead and wider Surrey’s most prolific fireplace showrooms, Burns & Mason Fireplaces has a large number of units that fit in all three categories.

Rather than look to sell you on a certain manufacturer or model, here our fireplace installers have looked at the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type of fireplace. If you read the below and still feel confused about which to select, we urge you to give us a call on 0208 390 2211. A friendly member of our team, based a stone’s throw from Kingston in nearby Tolworth, will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.  

We stock brands including:

  • Burley

  • Capital

  • Gazco

  • GB Mantels

  • Infinity

  • Nu-Flame

  • Wessex Stone

  • And Much More…

Pros & Cons of Electric Fireplaces


Electric fireplaces have been selling like “hot” cakes (apologies) ever since they were introduced into fireplace showrooms. They’re highly energy efficient and are less pollutant than gas fireplaces. On top of this, as their heating element is within the unit and the warm air is blown out into the room, they don’t get nearly as hot as gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves. This makes them a safer choice for Kingston households with small children.


They can struggle to produce as much heat as gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves, and many find that they don’t offer the same ambiance that the aforementioned options do. This is largely down to personal taste, however.

Pros & Cons of Gas Fireplaces


Gas fireplaces are a classic option and there are a huge variety of these units available in fireplace showrooms, like our own near Kingston. Fireplace installers have kind words to say about how warm and inviting gas fireplaces can make a living room; they’re typically seen as providing a better ambiance than electric units. While electric fireplaces have a slight edge when it comes to how green they are, gas fireplaces do burn quite clean, so you needn’t worry that you’re significantly increasing your carbon footprint by having one installed in your Kingston home.


One major disadvantage, for some, is that you require a chimney to make use of gas fireplaces. If you don’t have one, then it may prove very expensive to have one built. Typically, fireplace installers will recommend electric fireplaces for those unwilling to shell out to have a chimney fitted (although doing so could increase the value of your home). They also get very hot to the touch, so should be minded carefully.

Pros & Cons of Wood Burning Stoves


If you’re searching for a warm and cosy atmosphere with dancing flames and hot coals, there’s only one authentic choice – wood burning stoves. They’re a delight for the senses, from the crackling sound of the fire eating into its fuel, to the olfactory joy that the smoke brings. Other benefits include the fact that wood is a renewable resource, so they’re an environmentally sound option for heating a Kingston home.


As in the case of gas fireplaces, wood burning stoves need a chimney to function. These are expensive to build and can also mean warm air inside exits your property, if you don’t take care to insulate the area around the stove. Wood burning stoves also need more attention than the other options mentioned on this page. You have to light the fire and ensure it is not under or over fed. However for many, including our Kingston fireplace installers, this is part of the fun! Like gas fireplaces, they get very hot – staff at our fireplace showrooms urge you to be careful when operating wood burning stoves.

Still unsure which option is best for you? For more help and advice call our fireplace installers, based right by Kingston, on 0208 390 2211.