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Stunning Wood Burning Stoves & Gas Fireplaces for the Epsom Area

Burns & Mason Fireplaces Ltd are proud to serve as the Epsom area’s go-to fireplace installers, designing quality gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves for discerning homeowners who appreciate quality at competitive prices. On this page, we’ve run through just a few reasons to consider visiting fireplace showrooms and investing in one of your own.


4 Reasons to Own Gas Fireplaces & Wood Burning Stoves


1. Ambiance – Many visitors to fireplace showrooms around Epsom are looking for gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves that will provide a certain ambiance to their home. How many movies have we all seen where two doting partners, or a family and pets sit around a warm fire, content and cosy. Our fireplace installers think there’s little better than taking refuge from cold outdoor temperatures in Epsom’s bitter winter months, and basking in the radiating heat and light of quality gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves. It’s relaxing and creates a luxurious, “homey” feeling.


2. Scent – Not all our Epsom clients love the scent of wood burning stoves, but most find it comforting or in some way enjoyable. It’s such a classical aroma, and one that can evoke all sorts of thoughts and memories. Gas fireplaces have less of a distinctive smell, so if you’re not keen on the smell of burning wood – we certainly are! – then you needn’t worry. You’ll be able to find something in our fireplace showrooms which is fairly neutral in the olfactory department.


3. Reduce Utility Bills – Energy bills can get out of hand when you have the heating on full blast during winter. Investing in gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves in your living room reduces your reliance upon central heating, and therefore can reduce your bills significantly.  Gas fireplaces are more efficient when it comes to sufficiently heating just one room, which you’ll often want to do rather than heating the whole of the house, much of which might not be actively used, while wood burning stoves function independently. When looking at the price of units in fireplace showrooms, keep in mind the money you’ll save when considering affordability.


4. Aesthetic – Quality gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves look fantastic. They can be exactly what you need to complete an updated, renovated or brand new living room in your Epsom home. There are countless options you have available, meaning you can either match a fireplace to your existing design or build a room around a bespoke, custom-made one created by our fireplace installers to your precise specifications. And if you ever come to sell your property, you’ll be amazed at what quality gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves can do for your property’s value, and how appealing it is to potential buyers.


In Epsom and convinced that our gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves could be what’s missing from your home? Call us on 0208 390 2211.


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