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Before purchasing fireplaces or wood burning stoves, it is important to consider function and efficiency, as well as aesthetics. Modern gas fireplaces help customers in East Molesey save a considerable amount on household bills by using less energy to produce more heat. As one of the largest fireplace showrooms in the area, we have a variety of models available to meet all needs.


To achieve maximum efficiency, Burns & Mason fireplace installers help customers choose the most suitable flue for their new fire. This can be a difficult task to do on your own, but with years of experience, our engineers expertly guide you through every stage of installation, whether for fireplaces or wood burning stoves.


Balanced Flues – Balanced flues are one of the most efficient types of gas fireplaces available from fireplace showrooms. They’re an ideal design for people who don’t have a built-in chimney or flue in their property. This style has a glass front and is completely sealed, working by drawing in air from outside into the fire for combustion purposes. Waste gases are then expelled back outside.


Balanced flues also stop air movement to, or from, the room that your fire is in, preventing draughts or wind affecting it.


Power Flues – This is a popular option for homes in East Molesey that don’t have a traditional flue. An electric fan safely expels the gases the fire produces. Fireplace installers mount the fan to the outside wall, either behind or to the side of gas fireplaces.


Open Flues – Open flues are also known as conventional flues and utilise existing chimneys, as long as they have a suitable lining. Air is drawn from the room and chimney for combustion, while waste gases are released up the chimney.


Flueless – Some gas fireplaces don’t require a flue at all. A catalytic converter changes combustion gas into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. The result of this is a significantly more efficient appliance with lower running costs.


When visiting fireplace showrooms, such as Burns & Mason, our experts advise on the requirements of each flue system and their suitability for your home in East Molesey. To get an idea of the options available, have a look at some of our previous work.


If you are longing for the look and feel of traditional wood burning stoves, but want the benefits of gas fireplaces, high efficiency open front gas fires could be perfect for your home. Get in touch with our fireplace installers to discover the full range of products and services we offer.


Contact our fireplace installers on 020 8390 2211 for safe, high-quality fireplaces in East Molesey and the nearby areas.


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